L009 | Deecode | Space in Between Dreams

Eyelids flutter as the dark embrace of sleep takes control, Deecode returns to Linear with premier techno to awaken the soul. Space in Between Dreams challenges the mind and body with rolling kick drums and tightly structured leads, modern techno for a post-modern world.

L008 | Pattern Recognition

Linear composing new from old.

L007 | Mikey Yellow | Curiosity

Mikey Yellow joins the Linear ranks with his debut release, Curiosity. His sights set on the sky, he brings us on a techno journey from the ground to the far reaches of his mind. Dark, melodic and unabashedly techno, Mikey moves Linear into 2014 with Curiosity.

L006 | Kuya | Group Modulo

The Linear spotlight lands on Kuya for release number six, the highly anticipated first release from the master of all things dark and funky. A dangerous, driving rhythm underscores what many techno musicians lack today, soul. Deep, jazzy undertones forced between slices of vertically stacked drums filter through the speakers and distort the minds of the many, Group Modulo stands alone.

L005 | Silentcorp | Naked Came the Stranger

A distant shot in the night, a man walks forward alone, Naked Came the Stranger. Silentcorp’s second release on Linear continues to move past convention into the unknown. Emotive melodies clash with driving rhythms, a battleground of low toms and scorching high end. Linear’s fifth release continues it’s unique brand of high fidelity techno, perfect for the global dance floor and beyond.

L004 | SanFaçon | When The Angels Fell

SanFaçon's “When the Angels Fell” is a tenebrous EP capturing the journey into the depths of the human psyche and ill fated temptation. A tale of desolation and retribution coded for the avid techno listener. This EP is a deviation from the structure the label has inundated its listeners with but also a stone-cold reminder that Linear ravages the dance-floor with a wide range of emotive techno.

L003 | Gabriel Palomo | Intrinsic

Linear continues it’s sonic assault with “Intrinsic” by one of Chicago’s most deeply rooted and respected artists, Gabriel Palomo. “Intrinsic” is a propulsive 2 tracker perfect for the infectious creatures of the night in the dark confines of the club. Those who gravitate toward elements that are as much futuristic as organic will find solace in this peak-time package sure to ignite the dance floor.

L002 | Silentcorp | Midnight at Dusk Hotel

The Silentcorp is here to show you the way to the Dusk Hotel where your mind and body will experience the darkness and beauty that exists between life and death. Invitations have been sent out and the ghosts are ready for one last dance with the living. “Midnight at Dusk Hotel”. Available for purchase on exclusively on Beatport, and available at all other major online music retailers May 10, 2012.

L001 | SanFaçon | Crush Your Idols

The assault begins with iconoclastic anthems from Linear’s first eviscerating EP born from label head SanFaçon titled, “Crush Your Idols.” Dropping you into the most lurid realms of your psyche, where truth and abandon meet, is where “Crush Your Idols” begins." Available for purchase on Beatport and all other major online music retailers.